Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Patient




You should expect the following standards of care and service when you contact us:

To be greeted in a polite and professional manner at all times by our practice team.

Confidentiality at all times and in all interactions with us.

To be treated in line with our equal opportunities policies and not to be unlawfully discriminated against.

To be confident and comfortable to raise a complaint without fear that this will have any impact upon future care.

Access to your medical records upon request and subject to the limitations of the law.

To be treated in a clean environment where you can be confident infectin prevention and control procedures have been followed.

Patients of our practice will be expected to:

Treat all practice staff with the level of respect they expect from us.

Attend appointments on time and notify the practice as far in advance as possible should they need to cancel.

Inform us of any change of name, address, telephone number or other contact information as early as possible.

Accept that home visits will only be made for patients who are housebound due to a medical condition.

Accept that appointments may not always run to time and there may be a need to wait but you will be given as much time as you require for your consultation.