PPG Meeting Minutes




Meeting Notes – 14/02/2023 (Williton Surgery – 17.00)

Item 1

  • Welcome and group rules - EG

Item 2


  • Ian Aldridge
  • Dr Jane Armstrong
  • Liz Blazey
  • Kate Butler
  • Potential new PPG member attending with Kate Butler, Tracy Brick
  • Dr Duckworth
  • Dr Elizabeth Grigg
  • Mike Keenan, Potential new PPG member
  • Eddie May
  • Sharon Rowe


  • Margaret Tatham
  • Sarah Liddle: Action: EG will write to see whether she still wants to be a PPG member?

Item 3

Notes from immediate past meetings

  • No comments from previously circulated notes from last meeting - EG

Item 4

Sign off minutes

  • EG signed off notes from last meetin

Standing agenda items

Item 5

Update from West Somerset Healthcare

Practice update
  • Sharon gave the meeting an update of events in West Somerset Healthcare
    • Dr Sam Duckworth is now a partner and going on Maternity Leave May 2023 for 8 months. (She later introduced herself)
    • Dr Fenlon remains a salaried GP, and has returned to duty following a fractured wrist.
    • Dr Barclay will return to the surgery to be an ad hoc locum.
Nursing Team
  • Linda Prole, a full time nurse with the practice for 25 years has retired. The practice has successfully recruited an experienced respiratory care nurse, Clare Williams from Minehead Medical Centre who starting on 28/02/2023, and who is doing 2 long days (17 hours). Sally Ann Nicholls has joined the Practice, and the Nurse Manager and another nurse are retiring at the end of April. 
  • A new receptionist is being recruited. 
Other matters - Lloyds Pharmacy 
  • Flu clinics - no vaccine left. 2610 over 65’s were vaccinated and 1200 under 65. 
  • There was a text link to book, and the uptake was very good. 
  • There is work ongoing to develop an NHS prescription ordering app with Beth Rigby from Minehead Eye/Sparks in her role as digital inclusion lead. 
  • Lloyds is better, effective locum pharmacist Liam, who is doing medicine reviews from the surgery, employed by the Primary Care Network (PCN) 
  • There is a new manager now in post and staff are more visible. 
  • However, LLoyds are getting rid of 135 pharmacies, which is going to cause fragility. 
Other matters - Living Better 
  • The surgery has a complex care nurse, who is a PCN employee, Emma, the Living Better Nurse. 
Other matters - Changes in patient interactions with surgery 
  • SR reported that they are now having to send zero tolerance letters to patients as they have noticed a real shift in patient behaviour, non compliance, many letters of complaint, ‘rants and grumbles’, and 
  • described an ‘Amazon like’ expectation of GP practices, with no sense of any personal responsibility ? Accelerated by social media. 
  • Very unrealistic expectations of what care is possible from the surgery, as no sense of self help leading to a stressed team.
  • At the PCN meeting held on 14/02/23, similar experiences were described elsewhere.
  • The group discussed strategies such as self help advice in Parish/ Community magazines, and the emphasis that dignity and respect is a 2 way street, which is being over-ridden by the cult feeling of ‘individual first

Item 6

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

  • Update Kate Butler presented an overview of the Trust, which is very busy.
  • There are training opportunities at Bridgwater Hospital, and there is an Apprenticeship scheme for carers The Integrated Care Board (ICB) Primary Care Directorate unchanged.

Item 7

Village Agent Update

  • Microproviders are recruiting enterprise agents, to find microproviders and help them fit into the role.
  • Village agents are also operating in hospitals, trying to get people home YDH/MPH
  • Talking cafe’s are every 2 weeks, on Tuesdays with presence of social workers, safeguarding, Citizen’s advice and the Job Centre coming regularly to help those attending. They also help with Lasting Powers of Attorney. The Somerset Community Foundation gave money to the agents to help with bills, but need a long term solution. There is a crisis fund of £5000 - £6000 and there is fund raising with MInehead Council, and microproviders provide an invaluable service.
  • Carer’s week PPG Event, 10th June 2023 2-4 pm
  • Local businesses to be approached for sponsorship were discussed, and a steering group was set up to deliver the event, with the first meeting agreed for 10am 01/03/2023, and attendees discussed.

Item 8

Any Other Business

  • None

Item 9

Date of Next Meeting

  • 09/05/2023