Patient Participation Group




Who We Are

We are an advisory group of patients whose members work voluntarily with the surgery, acting as ‘critical friends’ to help the practice improve services for the patient population.

The practice feels it will be extremely beneficial to have patient involvement and that the group’s constructive and challenging views help the surgery to better understand the patient perspective and be more responsive in their service delivery



Why Have A Group?

The delivery of general practice is changing under the new NHS and the practice continues to face a variety of challenging government objectives and priorities, which are continually changing. General practice is the most commonly used point of access in the NHS. 90% of those who use general practice services will be diagnosed and treated without being referred for further specialist treatment. Current government policy therefore aims to improve both access to services locally and patient choice.

As healthcare is being brought closer to the patient, the practice is being required to ‘deliver’ more each year, for which they have no increase in the resources available to them. It is therefore important that these resources are used wisely and that the patient perspective is considered.


What The Group Will Do

It is envisaged that the group will provide a forum to work with the practice on a variety of areas, including such issues as:

  • Considering service suggestions which could benefit groups of patients or individuals, providing a patient perspective
  • Assisting in evaluating and prioritising demands on our resources
  • Determining responses to patient satisfaction questionnaires and forming suitable action plans to address patient concerns
  • Acting as a sounding board for future surgery plans
  • Improving communication between patients and the surgery
  • Considering specific operational issues as raised from time to time
  • Acting as a forum to discuss complaint trends to seek improvements or determine appropriate courses of action
  • Acting as patient support for specific events

The practice is keen to work in partnership with the group and it is hoped that this approach will help to influence the provision of health and social care locally within the wider health community.

Watch out for information on the Patient Group display boards that will let you know what work is currently being undertaken by the group.

Or contact the Patient Group via our secure online form for our Terms of Reference 


What We Can't Do

We are not a forum for individual agendas or personal complaints. Complaints must be made directly to the practice to comply with the standardised NHS Complaints Procedure and be handled under a strict code of confidentiality.

If you have a complaint, please either speak to one of the practice team or pick up the practice information leaflet on complaints.



Whilst the group aims to be representative of the patient users of the practice services, the members are not considered delegates of the population and it is recognised that the views expressed are based on their own experiences.

Initial members of the group have, however, been selected to provide a cross section of users where possible but as further members are required, then new volunteers will be sought from the wider practice population. If you could be interest in becoming involved please complete and submit our onling contact form which can be found at the top of this page.

Announcements will be placed on the Patient Group Notice Board and on this website when members are required. If however, you have a specific interest in becoming involved now then please contact the Group Chairman directly using the email address below.



  • Chairman - Mrs Elizabeth Grigg
  • Vice Chair - Mrs Julia Metcalf
  • Secretary - Jane Armstrong

A full list of group members is available on the Patient Group Notice Boards in the surgeries.


How To Contact The Group

If you would like to contact the group with a suggestion or to request further information about their role, you can message them directly via our online form

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