Patient Participation Group




Patient and Public Involvement

West Somerset Healthcare has an active and supportive Patient Participation Group (PPG) which acts independently from, but closely with, our surgery.

Our patient group members are volunteers who provide feedback and ideas to help our practice improve our facilities and services for the benefit of everyone on our practice list.

We are extremely grateful for the support we receive from our PPG.



The Purpose of our Patient Participation Group

Our PPG will work with us on a variety of areas, including:

  • Considering service suggestions which could benefit groups of patients or individuals, providing a patient perspective;
  • Assisting in evaluating and prioritising demands on our resources;
  • Determining responses to patient satisfaction questionnaires and forming suitable action plans to address patient concerns;
  • Acting as a sounding board for future surgery plans;
  • Improving communications between patients and the surgery;
  • Considering specific operational issues raised from time to time;
  • Acting as a forum to discuss any trends to seek improvements or determine appropriate courses of action;
  • Providing support for specific events.

A copy of the group's Terms of Reference is available via our secure online form


Our PPG cannot respond to individual complaints and these should be made directly to the practice to be handled under the NHS complaints procedure in line with the practice's strict code of confidentiality.

If you have a complaint, please either speak to one of the practice team or pick up the practice information leaflet on complaints.



The group aims to be as representative of our practice population as possible but we are reliant on volunteers giving their own valuable time to provide advice and support.

From time to time, we need to recruit new members and if you are interested in joining the group please contact the surgery or use the form below.



  • Chairman - Mrs Elizabeth Grigg
  • Vice Chair - Current Vacancy
  • Secretary - Jane Armstrong

A full list of group members is available on the Patient Group Notice Boards in the surgeries.

Forthcoming Meetings


How To Contact The Group

If you would like to contact the group with a suggestion or to request further information about their role, you can message them directly via our online form