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General Feedback

If you would like to provide the practice with general feedback or ideas please feel free to use our online form



We realise that there will be occasions where patients will feel that our practice has fallen short of their expectations and things can go wrong.

Our complaints policy and procedure has been designed to support patients who feel a need to raise a formal grievance, whether verbally or in writing, in line with the NHS process.

We appreciate that people may feel uncomfortable about raising a complaint and would like to reassure that our practice views this as a good opportunity to communicate, learn from any mistakes and improve our services.

Our Practice Manager, Sharon Rowe, is responsible for ensuring that all complaints are handled in line with our policy and patients receive a full response within an appropriate timeframe.

Anyone who wishes to raise a complaint can ask to speak with Sharon or may prefer to address her in writing by letter to the surgery address or using our online form



We appreciate any feedback from patients who have a good experience to report to us and are grateful for people taking the time to tell us what we have done well.

This information also helps us to continuously improve our services and ensure that any changes which are introduced do not inadvertently remove any good practice.

Patients who wish to report a positive experience can do so by email here or in writing at the surgery address.

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