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Freedom of Information

Our practice routinely makes information available to the public in relation to its functions and activities. Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, general practices are now officially required to adopt and maintain a scheme, which makes information they hold available. The Act asserts the right of individuals to obtain access to official information to the greatest extent possible, consistent with the public interest and the need to protect legitimate confidential information.

This does not include information about individual patients, members of our staff or other individuals.  Individuals already have the right of access to information about themselves under the Data Protection Act 1998. You are also entitled to request information about the practice under the NHS Openness Code 1995.

Like other public authorities our practice is been required to maintain a Publication Scheme setting out the classes of information we hold, the manner in which we intend to publish the information and whether a charge will be made for that information. Information already available to the public can be accessed without using the Freedom of Information Act.

If you would like further information about the Freedom of Information Act, please speak to our Management Partner.


Fair Access

You will be treated with respect and as a partner in your own health care. As patients, you are responsible for your health and that of any dependants. It is important that you adhere to information and advice given to you by health professionals, and co-operate with the practice in endeavouring to keep you healthy. If you would like a copy of our Practice Charter please do not hesitate to contact us, so that one can be sent to you.



We aim to provide comprehensive healthcare – both the prevention of illness and its treatment when the need arises. At Williton & Watchet Surgeries we acknowledge that certain groups and individuals may experience discrimination through reasons of race, ethnic origin, colour, national origin, religion, disability, age, sexuality, gender, marital status, lifestyle, social status or appearance.Discrimination may be direct, indirect or actual victimisation. Our equal opportunities policies incorporate individual rights provided by the Human Rights Act. No individual or group applying for primary care services, employment or service contracts will be treated less favourably than anyone else.


Zero Tolerance

Our team will do their best to try and help you to the best of their ability.  We strongly support the NHS policy on zero tolerance in order to make life safe for the people who work here. There can be no excuse for violence or abuse towards our staff or other patients and such behaviour will not be tolerated. 


Accessing Practice Services

All patients applying for clinical care will be treated equally and services will be provided according to medical need. Medical assessment of all patients will be based on a clinical judgement of the patient’s problems and any treatment will be prescribed according to the likely effectiveness of that action, after informed discussion with the patient. Our team members have a responsibility to treat all patients and colleagues equally and to not subject any individual to discrimination of any kind.

In return we expect patients who choose to be registered with our practice to extend these principles to their individual contact with members of our team. Whilst patients obviously have the right to choose which clinician they wish to see, we are not able to tolerate actions, which could be interpreted as an act of discrimination, for any reasons, on the part of the patient against any individual member of our practice team.

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