Contraception (Family Planning) Clinic




Contraception advice and support is available for both men and women. Teenagers are welcome to attend. We will also see teenagers from other practices in West Somerset who would prefer to speak to a clinician outside of their registered practice.

All of our doctors are available to give advice about family planning and prescribe oral contraceptives and contraceptive injections. Some doctors offer additional services including coil fitting. 


Oral Contraceptive 

Make an appointment with any Practice Nurse/Doctor. After the initial consultation, you will be asked to attend for a check up after 3 months and annually thereafter. 

holding contraception


Contraceptive Injections 

Make an appointment with any of our doctors.  Following the initial consultation, one of the Practice Nurses provides repeat injections every 3 months. 



Discuss this initially with your Doctor. You will then be asked to make a special appointment, at either surgery, for the insertion of the coil/Implant.


Emergency Contraception 

After unprotected intercourse, pregnancy can be avoided either by taking the Morning After Pill within 3 days or by having a coil fitted within 5 days. Please make an appointment to see any doctor or the triage nurse.